Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under code 3518

We don't make things normal way, We break conventions.

Automotive Components Division

Wheel Division

Capacity: 100,000 wheels per month

Deliveries: More than 5 million

Ionic sputtering technology

Paragon Taiwan HQ & RD Center Established:

1995 year

806 million (NTD)

Number of employees: 1,000

R&D team 50+ people, dedicated in Material, Chemistry, Aerospace, and Aesthetics.

Future Paragon

Not only to make wheel glossy and shine, and even an expert of sputtering in automotive exterior and interior decoration.

Colored coated wheel is trend for automotive style; Paragon creates win win with our own black tech and innovation.

Customer owns the personalized wheel with affordable price to emphasize his/her own taste and value.

To skip the silver bright, let the difference of colored coated wheel segment and raise the sales!